San Antonio Stars and a Bad Back

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night-sky-tooEight years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, I was there for a vacation that was long overdue, and it was one of those trips one would take to find one’s self, so I was alone. Experiencing something new at a place I had never been was my aim, and the city of San Antonio was the best choice I have ever had. I did not really plan things out, I just chose the first city I saw a brochure of and took the next flight there.

My arrival was quite an interesting experience, I knew no one there and apart from the brochure I got I did not know much about the city, except maybe for the Alamo. Thinking back, though it was not so long ago and modern smartphones were in its infancy and I wasn’t sold on it yet, so there were no apps and yelp for me to tell me where to eat and where to stay, though my hotel arrangements were already made by the travel agency. That night I thought to just have a taco for dinner and get to my hotel room and sleep, interestingly enough that delicious taco made me realize that my stay in San Antonio would be a pleasing experience.

The next day, with nothing but a brochure, I went to every place that I could visit, such as parks, museums, and historic spots. And though it felt like any other trip, the culture of the city and its history made it fun. Later that evening I took a little stroll at a park, if I recall correctly it was McAllister Park, and I saw that people were setting up telescopes, diagrams were shown, young and old were talking amongst each other.

I inquired what the whole thing was about, and they told me that it was an astronomy club, forgive me but I don’t remember what they were called, they were setting up for some star gazing for an event. I asked if I could stick around, and they told me that I was welcome to. When the sun was completely down, I saw something magnificent, the night sky that I paid no attention to last night, due to being tired, was actually quite a breathtaking view.  Astronomy has always been an interest of mine, but I never really got to pursue it seriously, even as a hobby, I listened as they talked about the celestial bodies, educating the young and sharing their thoughts. One fellow noticed me looking at the sky, he offered to let me use his telescope, I happily accepted the offer, and the view with the telescope just made it better.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to thank the guy, I felt a terrible pain on back, I had threw my back out, which ended a night I that would have been quite magical. After a little while I found a place to hail a cab, a driver saw me and pulled over, it was obvious that I was in pain. I told the cab driver my situation and told him where my hotel was. The driver told me that instead of going back to the hotel, he knew a right chiropractor for this, a friend of his. The pain was getting to me, which is why I just agreed and told him to take me there.

I don’t know if I just lucked out hailing the right cab at the right time or if San Antonio is the place where really good chiropractors can be found, but the guy he brought me to allowed me to continue to enjoy my San Antonio vacation. Needless to say that cab driver got a pretty generous tip.