Interesting Discoveries

While there are countless discoveries almost every month, we choose one every now and then that interest us, some might not be as interesting compared to others, but the group here in BAA Lunar Section, we take a vote every now and then on what discovery to feature, so though it might not be as interesting to you, it was deemed interesting to the majority of the staff here.

We will only be updating this page every time we as a group have time to discuss and vote about new discoveries. Expect interesting updates, but not very often ones.

Before scientists have estimated 200 billion galaxies to be in the observable universe, but lately with the help of new tools and a mathematical model, they have confirmed that there is at least ten times that amount. Though in the past, scientists have thought that the original amount was a bit low, and that dimmer galaxies were just not bright enough to show in the image.

This new discovery allows us to understand the early universe and its formation, now the pieces finally fit together!