Breast Augmentation: How Big Is Too Big?

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surgeryMuch like what we have learned from the 2008 financial crisis, there is no such thing as “Too Big to fail”. Okay admittedly that joke was a bit forced, actually very forced, but you can’t deny that there are some people getting breast augmentations that just doesn’t know how big is too big.  Before getting the procedure done, I recommend that you examine things and consider how big you want your breast to be, the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic. Time and time again I read about regrets of people who got boob jobs, often times I see that it is not the fact that they got the procedure done but because they didn’t consider the size they want carefully. They might have had an ideal size they wanted to get but did not consider if it fits them perfectly, will it really look good on them? Or will they be able to do the things they used to do with that breast size? They didn’t ask these questions and more because they were too hyped on getting the procedure. Let’s start with aesthetics first; if you would like to get yourself a new nice sets of boobs it is essential to make sure that it would fit you. I know there are some cosmetic surgery clinics in Atlanta and perhaps in other US state that offer a digital simulation of how you would look like, that often helps. If the off chance they don’t or you are a bit embarrassed to go to a clinic, get someone to Photoshop your photo, it is not as accurate but at least you get a picture of how you would look like. With this you can see if the size you want is the right size for you, if it isn’t just get it adjusted to the size that will suit you. Now we look at it practicality. If you have a relaxed life then this isn’t really a problem, but if you have a job, routine, or duty you have to consider things. Reasonably larger breasts often won’t necessarily hinder your capabilities; it just makes it harder for you to adjust. The best way to know if you can still do what you usually do is ASK the doctor. After all this is done, you will not only know how big is too big but what is just right. The doctor will handle the more complex medical side, given that you are getting it done by someone competent.