Astronomy Club Invaded By Bugs

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While I would have preferred a more Star Ship Troopers like bugs, this wasn’t the case. It appears as though that our last dive at a garage sale got us more than what we bargained for. We had found a few 60’s space race merchandise that seemed like a perfect addition to our collection, unknowingly letting in a Trojan horse of termites among other entities the exterminator will be handling. The area is currently closed off due to the treatment a generous local company gave us at a discount; thanks to Pest Control Company Elkhart the damage should be minimal. Most of the more valuable pieces of our clubs’ collection was on loan to the town hall for an event during the weekend, so even if most of the items in the club room are damaged, we will not need to restart the collection from nothing. Hopefully that will not be the case though, but until the fog of war clears there is no telling. My friend who’s an electrician in Columbus had pests, but we get rid off them within a week. Upon the report of the exterminator who last went in though, there seemed to have been minimal damage. The club will remain standing, this event is merely a lesson learned for us. Another problem aroused while I write this, a call from the buildings admin came in requiring me to have a talk with them. It looks like this bug incident isn’t done yet.