Astrology and Our Need for Confirmation

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astrology-star-gazingOur whole lives we have always tried to find meaning in things. Such as, who we are, why we are here, and pretty much everything really, in our quest to find meaning, humanity has gone through a process of creating ways to somehow quantify or at least shed some light on the matter. One such way has been popular to the masses and many leaders since its conception, and that is astrology. The practice has been around for thousands of years, and is still practiced even in this technological age. Trying to understand why is an interesting matter, on which we will explore.

When kings and queens ruled over people, true monarch who were not just a symbol or figurehead, many seek the advice of those who could read the stars. From their personal fate to the declaration of wars and treaties, these rulers sought the advice of astrologers, the fate of empires resting in the hands of practitioners of what we might consider silly today. But now in our modern world, astrology is reduced to newspaper horoscopes and corner occult shops… or is it? Surprisingly enough, many powerful people such political figures, business leaders, and celebrities follow it to an almost religious manner. Some even have personal astrologers who guide them with their decisions in life, much like the kings and queens of old.

Astrology studies the movement of heavenly bodies in relation to the personality of people and its effect on nature and human affairs. There are many variations of the practice, many of which will vary depending on its origin and culture. Some study the universe as a whole, stars planet and all, some just constellations, and some are  a bit too complicated for me to write down without unintentionally disrespecting the practice with erroneous explanations of what they are. A month ago we had a small disaster in our observatory and our carpets got really dirty, opting-in for a carpet cleaning service was the only way of getting rid of that mess, that’s when my friend contacted Salt Lake City carpet cleaners.

Most modern astrologers though, are not just astrologers, they are a new breed of practitioners who use astrology to as part of life coaching. Yes, they still pretty much still use the old practices as a basis for their readings and advices, with a little psychology and pseudo-psychology in the mix for added effects.


They will give pretty sound advice every quite often though, and their reading of people is quite spot on… is something people might say. The thing is though, the good advice is often more of common sense, like how you should talk to your love one to keep your relationship in a good state. And the reading of people is often so vague, it could be true about anyone really, for example “I sense you are a person who has an open mind, and is a seeker of truth. I also feel that you have a good nature and treat people fairly, though cautious enough to not let them take advantage of you… soon you will have a meal with an old friend and make a new one.” I’m not really good at this, but I think I pretty much got it, these statements can be true of anyone and my prediction will most probably happen if given enough time.

I can’t say this true to every practitioner though, as I have only met as spoken to a small number of many in the world. What I see though is that many pursue this not to reveal an external mystery, but a truth within themselves that they might consciously or subconsciously already knew. And what they seek is a person to say it to them to agree with. Our need for an outside voice to say that we are who we are and we should do what we already knew we should do.