An Observatory in the Attic and My Need for Exterminators

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My love for Astronomy prompted me to make a small observatory in the attic, it was actually quite perfect, as my house was in a pretty good dark location, where the night sky had little to no light pollution. Unfortunately even with all the beautifully placed conditions for one, it was also the perfect condition and area for a few pests and critters to live. I had no choice but to hire professional pest control at to remedy this situation, as I am quite adamant in getting my personal observatory setup. As I knew all the trouble I was going to go through would all be worth it the moment I first peek into the eternity in my new observatory. observatory

The Challenges

The pest were one thing, they were quite a hand full even with the exterminators, as some seemed to have taken up residence there for quite some time already and have pretty much settled in. Though the greatest challenge was the actual construction of the observatory, what I thought would be a simple task was something exponentially more difficult. In order to get the best image I had to build a platform for the telescope so that the vibration of footsteps would not, or at the very least have minimum interference with the focusing. The simple home project turned into something of a scale where a lot of math and my entire self-taught engineering prowess (with help from real engineers of course). Getting the best, yet affordable, telescope also needed a lot of effort, as I needed to source from a few factories abroad for the lenses and parts. To be honest, being someone who is supposedly just an amateur I kind of went overboard with the whole project. I started by carrier as a San Diego bail bondsman, but then decided to change my carrier and became an observatory manager


It took about three months to finish, but after completing it I was awarded with a few things. One is that there were no longer noises from the attic due to critters, along with my food not mysteriously disappearing anymore. Another is that I got an additional room I could use, spacious and quite classy with all the wonderful furniture. And three I can finally observe the vastness of space and all the beauty that it could offer. Getting pest control allowed for a way cleaner and safer environment to live in and was one additional thing that I found to have made the whole project even more worth it, aside from getting a special place of my own in the house. Constructing your own observatory needs a lot of studying beforehand, luckily enough I live at a place that was excellent for start gazing and using telescopes. The cost of construction was higher than I thought it would be, but that was mostly because I decided not to go for a simple design but for optimal observatory experience. And finally, due to the fact that I have this setup now and I have invested money on it I should definitely turn this from a hobby into something more, like an independent researcher… maybe.